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About Takeda NAS

In my totally biased opinion Shosui Takeda san’s knives kick ass. Thin blades are capable of extreme sharpness and these are so thin they are in the heroin-chic supermodel territory. With an HRC hardness of 63:64 the edge retention of Takeda san’s knives are unbelievable. Takeda san's new AS N knives are clad in stainless steel instead of carbon steel, which makes them way easier to take care of! Less oxidation = less hassle = more fun!

A third-generation master blacksmith, Takeda Shosui-san was born and raised in Niimi, Okayama in Japan. After he graduated from university he returned to his hometown to succeed his father as master blacksmith for Takeda Hamono. Since 1985 he has strived and studied to produce the very best hand-forged blades and tools. Each blade is a unique work of art and has a certain presence.

Shosui Takeda hammers blades from Aogami Super Steel. These are truly artistic blades of the highest quality forged by experience. The super thin geometry translates to extreme sharpness. I treasure my Takeda Gyuto as it is one of the finest performing knives I’ve ever owned. Each blade holds its edge extraordinarily well and re-sharpens easily. The New Takeda AS Stainless line is forged with a stainless clad on the outside of the carbon core for extra protection and durability. Knifewear is the first store on earth to carry this new line.

Founded in 1920, Takeda Hamono (Blacksmith) was moved to Niimi in 1951. They have produced hand-forged blades and tools such as kitchen knives, knives, hoes and hatchets as well as axes, sickles and scythes for the local government.

These knives are hafted with an octagon shaped Japanese style rosewood handle and black pakka wood collar. A modern look for traditional handles. Pakka wood is basically layers of rose or sandal wood bound with heaps of silicone. This type of handle creates a knife with overall lightness and a blade forward balance. I love a light knife as one does not become fatigued with heavy use and they are more precise. The stainless tang is a great improvement over traditionally made carbon steel knives which have a carbon tang. The tang will never rust therefore the life of the handle will be increased by many, many years.

These are very high performance blades, but I would not call them rugged. There is always a trade off. Treat them like a Ferrari (with respect in other words) and they will repay you with many, many years of crazy performance.

Just the Facts

Steel Type Aogami Super (Super Blue carbon) Steel clad with Stainless Steel
Rockwell Hardness 63:64
Handle Shape Octagon
Handle Material Rosewood handle with pakka wood collar

Just the Facts