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    Knife Repairs - chips, tips, and bends - In store service

    Prices may be higher for more complex repairs.

    You can bring your knives to any of our locations: Calgary, Calgary Farmers’ Market, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto or Vancouver.

    If your knife has been damaged, we can help! Repairs we perform include re-aligning the edge profile, fixing broken or bent tips, repairing chips in the blade, and re-attaching or replacing Japanese (wa) handles. Please allow extra time when dropping off your knife for repair.

    Before bringing us your knives, please clean them well and protect them with plastic blade guards or disposable materials such as newspaper.

    Repairs FAQs

    How do I get my knives sharpened/repaired?

    Just bring your knives to any of our locations (Calgary Inglewood, Calgary Farmers’ Market, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto or Ottawa). Not near either of our shops? Then mail your knives to us! Click here for mailing instructions.

    What is the best way to transport my knives?

    If you are bringing them into the shop, please bring them in something that can be easily sanitized, such as plastic edge guards. Newspaper works too, as we can dispose of it. Please don't bring them wrapped in towels, or anything that we cannot dispose of or sanitize easily.