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Japanese Knives
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    Chefs are the backbone of our business on one end, and similarly, blacksmiths are the backbone of Knifewear on the other end. These are the folks who toil day in and out over hot forges and springhammers, not only to craft knives for the folks who use them, but to keep their craft alive. 

    These folks surpass our idea of what a "master" is. Each one worked for years, even decades, before achieving the rank of master, and many have been working for decades since. Their love of knife-making combined with their insanely-honed skill and determination allow them to make some of the best blades in the world.

    We are incredibly honoured to present the works of these blacksmiths. Without them, there would be no Knifewear and no future for Japanese knife-making. We hope that you will love their creations and their stories as much as we do. If you want to learn more about them, we made two documentaries and a book about Japanese blacksmiths. You can watch Springhammer 1 and 2, check out the Knifenerd Guide to Japanese Knives, or click on a blacksmith below to learn their story!