Masakage Knives was founded in 2007 by Takayuki Shibata, one of Japan’s best knife sharpeners. It was his goal to help the Master Blacksmiths of Takefu Knife Village showcase their talent and their mind-blowingly sharp knives. These knives hold their edge for an extremely long time, are easy to sharpen and are among the most beautiful blades you’ll ever see.

There is a Masakage knife for every type of cook, the “professional”, the “foodie” or even the “frantically trying to cook your first turkey before the In-Laws get there”. There are nine lines to choose from, each with it’s own style and personality.

Shibata san has assembled the A-Team of blacksmiths, Anyru san, Kato san, Kurosaki san, and Kaguera san; I think that Kurosaki san would be Face and Anyru would be Hannibal. Each knife is made by hand and then sharpened by Shibata san himself. We’re great sharpeners but he’s the Wayne Gretzky of knife sharpening.