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Truing Stones and Diamond Plates

A truing stone is an essential part of your sharpening kit. They keep your other stones flat, which allows them to sharpen your knives faster and more effectively. We carry three truing stones/plates:

The Knifewear Truing Stone is perfect for most people, we have used this truing stone for over 13 years with amazing results. It's the one our staff reach for most often. The producer has strict quality controls that guarantee each truing stone is within 0.06mm of true, making them perfect for any casual knife-sharpener.

The Atoma diamond plate is the next step up, and perfect for those who want a bit more from their truing stones. Its steel plate base keeps it much flatter, and the diamond grit strip can be replaced. It works much faster than the average truing stone, great for folks who take sharpening very seriously.

The Kensho diamond plate is the proper nerd level option, for those of us who need the best. The real magic to the Kensho diamond plate is that it is as close to perfectly flat as an object can be. This is remarkable, and makes it great for the sharpening super-nerd.