Mail-in knife sharpening

At Knifewear, we take our sharpening seriously! However, if you find yourself too far away to bring your knives in personally, simply ship them to us instead. 

Select whether you are sending them within Canada or from the USA above and we'll send you a label within 48 hours for you to send them too us. 

Upon receiving your knives, we will contact you to confirm their arrival and arrange payment for sharpening and return shipping. We accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal transactions. 


Size Price
Western Knife 150mm & Under $10.00
Western Knife Over 150mm $15.00
Japanese Knife 150mm & Under $15.00
Japanese Knife Over 150mm $20.00
Single Bevel Knife Under 150mm $20.00
Single Bevel Knife 151mm - 270mm $25.00
Single Bevel Knife 271mm - 360mm $30.00
Repairs start at   $5.00 


We will use an equivalent shipping method to return the knives that you used to send them to us. That way, you can expect to pay the same as your original shipping costs. If you would like your items shipped in any other way call to discuss arrangements. Our toll-free number is 1-888-669-6168

Even though they need sharpening, your knives will still be able to slice through poor packaging, hurting shipping personnel, and possibly damaging your blades. In order to prevent that we have some important knife packaging instructions.

Step 1:

Pack your knife securely inside a box, the original packaging is perfect. Make sure to include your contact info in the box so we don’t mix up your knives with someone else’s. Use newspaper or bubble-wrap to hold the knife in place. Close the box and shake it, if you don’t hear any movement, you’ve done a good job!


Step 2:

Tightly wrap the box in paper. Here in the shop we use butcher paper.



Step 3:

Clearly label the package, and take care to tape the tearable edges with packing tape.


Now you’re all set! Head on down to the post office and send us your knives.

Thanks again for your business!

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