It’s a common saying at Knifewear and Kent of Inglewood that everybody must leave the shops happier than when they had arrived. We do mean everybody; first time visitors, returning customers, delivery drivers, and especially the staff. Our staff are the driving force behind our success and they deserve a job that gives them more than just a bi-weekly paycheque. 

A person with a full-time job should not live in poverty and we offer our employees many benefits that greatly exceed industry norms.

  • The starting salary for our employees is $37480 per year. Based on a 40 hour work week, that’s $18 an hour.
  • It’s only fair that staff get to profit from the company’s success. We drink champagne on particularly good days and put aside a substantial percentage of company profits every year for Profit Sharing and bonuses.

    Every full-time employee has the opportunity to purchase carrots every year, with the amount varying by position. Each carrot costs $300 but the return on investment is amazing because the carrots have been worth anywhere from $700 up to $1500 each at year end; you’re at least more than doubling your money put in!
  • Other bonuses are regularly given to staff too. Everyone gets rewarded for digging deep and working hard during the holiday season and yearly Above & Beyond Bonusesare given to staff who display a level of commitment and work ethic that goes beyond our expectations.
  • All full-time staff are given a minimum of $1000 per year to spend on Health & Wellness. This HSA can be used on things like prescriptions, massages, dental, glasses, therapy and more. It’s essentially free money to help keep you healthy; it shows up in addition to your salary and isn’t taxed.
  • We write our schedule so that our staff can enjoy 2 days off in a row, we never schedule split shifts and never cut hours. We do this so our staff can enjoy their lives outside of work and be able to budget with confidence, not having to worry about lean periods when the shops are slow.
  • Vacation time is meant to be used and enjoyed. A vacation is needed to recharge your batteries and reinvigorate yourself. There is a strict policy in place that prohibits an employee from working on their vacation; no emails, no phone calls, and no surprise visits. That goes both ways, the stores won’t call you and you won’t call the stores. Everyone starts with 2 weeks of paid vacation which grows to 3 weeks once you’ve worked with us for 5 years. Make it to 10 years and you are eligible to take a 3-month break from work while still receiving your regular pay cheques. We call that our Long Service Leave. Pretty awesome, huh?
  • In addition to regular vacation time, we close our shops 8 extra days a year that staff are paid for. We believe that our staff should enjoy some time off around the holidays throughout the year and not be punished for it with a smaller than average paycheque.
  • If that’s not enough time off, full-time staff are also entitled to 3 personal days a year to use when they are sick, need a mental health break, or have a family emergency.

Knifewear and Kent of Inglewood are proud to say that we offer more than the “standard” entry level compensation package because our staff are better than “standard”. Our staff are dedicated to each other and the company’s success because they don’t have to worry about making ends meet. Our workplaces are filled with people who want to be there and form natural teams that tackle common goals easily. We have set expectations higher than most retail-based workplaces because we employ people who aren’t satisfied with the status quo. We like that about them and want to make sure they leave the shops happier than when they had arrived.

If you are interested in joining one of our teams in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, or Vancouver, submit your application via the link below and we’ll be in touch!