Curbside and Shipping FAQ

How do I make a return on an online order?
No worries, we've got you sorted. Head over to and follow the prompts. 

Can I pick up my order Curbside / At the store?
Absolutely, as long as all the items you are looking for are in stock at the location you want to pickup from, you'll be able to select that at the checkout. If one or more items aren't at your preferred location we are happy to ship it to you. 

I don't live near one of your stores, but I would like to get my knives sharpen.
We can sort that out for you, head over to this page here for all the details.

What customs or duties can I expect if I live in the USA?
You can expect to not pay duties or fees on any order under $800. If your order is over $800, we advise to split it into a couple of orders otherwise duties will apply. 

What customs or duties can I expect if I live in Europe?
Customs and duties for Europe are complicated. You can get an estimate of that cost here: - Please note this is just an estimation. 

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