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  • Mutsumi Hinoura

    About Mutsumi Hinoura

    Mutsumi Hinoura is the son of renowned blacksmith Tsukasa Hinoura. In his late thirties, he is already considered one of Japan’s most revered blacksmiths. For nearly 2 decades, he studied with his father and is the 4th generation to carry on the family craft. Mutsumi-san lives in Sanjo, in the Niigata region. This area is known for its handmade cutlery.

    In 2001, he graduated from Niigata College of Engineering. From there, he began his career as a blacksmith, honing his craft to produce blades with traditional style and modern performance. Mutsumi-san continues to work under the family brand, Ajikataya (味方屋). They specialize in producing traditional bladed tools, including Japanese hatchets. His recent foray into kitchen knives has produced some stunning blades, and we can't wait to see where his career takes him.

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