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  • Satoshi Nakagawa

    About Satoshi Nakagawa

    Satoshi Nakagawa is a super-talented, relatively young hotshot blacksmith working in the Sakai area. At the moment, he’s one of the most popular makers among knife nerds and collectors, and for good reason: he’s incredibly talented and is making some of the coolest blades coming out of Japan right now.

    From a young age, Nakagawa-san was fascinated with blacksmithing. At age eighteen, he began training under the legendary master Kenichi Shiraki. He apprenticed for 16 years, even running the workshop for several years when his master fell ill. In that time, he learned an incredible amount and developed a strong foundation of skills to build on. Once his master retired, Nakagawa-san took the reins and founded Nakagawa Uchihamono in 2021. He immediately began producing masterpieces under his own name.

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