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    About Small Makers at Knifewear

    As the name implies, Small Makers Month features some limited-production Japanese blacksmiths whose work we absolutely love. These are folks who you'll often catch at our Garage Sales, but they don't make nearly enough knives for us to stock them 100% of the time.This feature month is a way for us to show our love of these blacksmiths and give them the representation they deserve.An exciting thing about Small Maker knives is that we only get them in very limited quantities, making them more exclusive.

    Many of these blacksmiths spend a lot more time on their blades than the average knifemaker, often laminating their steel from scratch, among other things. This rarity makes them extra special for folks who like to collect knives or for those who want to veer off the beaten path to build their collections. Grab them before they're gone, because we might not get them again for a while!