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Knifewear Exclusive

Carbon steel is great for knife making. Mostly it stays sharp longer than stainless, it’s easier to sharpen and cuts more smoothly….but it can rust. Rusting can be a bummer. 

Fujimoto knives are a great compromise. The Aogami #2 (#2 blue Steel) carbon steel core of the blade has been clad (or wrapped) in stainless steel. This type of construction is my fave way to make a knife. You get all of the cutting benefits of carbon steel, but with reduced maintenance. The only part of the blade that can tarnish is the very edge of the blade where the carbon steel is exposed.

Fujimoto knives are hand hammered in a factory setting by a group of blacksmiths in Sanjo city; a city famous for steel fabrication industry (knives, chisels, cutlery, cooking pots in fact almost anything made from steel). And they like sake here too. I love it. 

The blade has a great rustic look and they cut very well. I can see these being popular with chefs who need the best knife for the dollar. The oval handle is made of burnt chestnut wood with a plastic collar. This gives the blade an over-all light feel and forward balance. 

The Kanji on the knife blade   藤本  reads – Fujimoto

Steel Type #2 Aogami (Blue carbon) Steel clad with Stainless Steel
Rockwell Hardness 61:63
Handle Material Burnt chestnut wood with plastic collar

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