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  • Get it Right Spatulas and Spoonulas, or "how Smeagol found the One Ring"

    November 26, 2021 3 min read

    Get it Right Spatulas and Spoonulas, or "how Smeagol found the One Ring"

    Throughout my life, I have thought way too much about finding the perfect spatula. When I found it, I coveted it like Smeagol with the One Ring. I am a confectioner, and good spatulas are an essential tool in my trade. I spend my days surrounded by boiling sugar, and have ruined so many batches of candy by having a poorly-made spatula fall apart in the sugar or even melt while I was trying to stir in flavouring.  

    Knowing my frustration, my mother ordered every spatula she could find on the internet and gifted them to me for Christmas insisting “There HAS to be one in there that you like”. I worked my way through every spatula in the box until only one was left, the Get It Right “Ultimate Spoonula”. Reluctantly I pulled out the red spoonula and started stirring the flavouring and baking soda into a batch of sponge toffee. It didn’t melt, which was a very good start! I pulled the spoonula out and set it aside while I finished the batch.

    I need to express how much I hate cleaning spatulas after a session of candy making; sugar sticks to everything, so cleaning them is a pain in the butt. To my surprise with a little squishing of the spoonula, the hardened candy came right off! It may or may not have been immediately eaten by the candy maker. The spoonula, being one single piece of silicone, was also incredibly easy to clean and sanitize.

    That evening (before Knifewear carried them), I went online and ordered 15 Get it Right spatulas and spoonulas for my confectionary business. I used them exclusively, sometimes making 50 kg of candy a day. these little spatulas took some serious abuse and they never failed me. I am fully aware of the fact that a person stressing out over spatulas sounds totally insane but hey, I had a niche problem and a penchant for the dramatic. Thankfully, the Get It Right guys solved my problem and saved my profit margins.

    When I'm not making candy, I still use these awesome tools in my home kitchen. I recommend them to everyone that likes to cook, and they are frequently stocking stuffers for my Christmas gift recipients. They have a lifetime guarantee, are made of eco-friendly BPA and BPS free pharmacy grade silicone, heat proof to 550F, and dishwasher safe. Best of all, they are available in a whole selection of rainbow colours, so you can colour coordinate your kitchen to your heart’s content!

    Check out the range of Get it Right products we carry here. 

    Once you’ve taken the dive and gotten a Spoonula (or spatula) for yourself, try out my (not so) super-secret sponge toffee recipe:

    Sponge Toffee Recipe


    • 125mL Water
    • 500g White Sugar
    • 150g Liquid Glucose / Corn Syrup (clear is preferable)
    • 50g Baking Soda
    • 10mL Flavour Extract (Optional, but if you’re going to use it, extra strength is preferable. Get creative! I recommend vanilla, green tea, coconut, or chocolate)
    • Chocolate (optional)


    1. Place sugar — then glucose — and then water in a cool pot.
    2. Stir carefully until none of the sugar is dry. (Don’t get sugar crystals too far up the side of the pot.)
    3. Cover pot and put on medium heat. Do not stir.
    4. Once boiling leave covered for 2 minutes (Condensation from the lid of the pot will wash away excess sugar around the sides of the pan and prevent crystallization.)
    5. Remove lid and set candy thermometer in place.
    6. While mixture is boiling, lightly oil a marble slab or sheet tray with a neutral oil (canola or vegetable is perfect).
    7. Boil until the sugar mixture reaches 300F.
    8. Remove from heat.
      Use your spatula or spoonula to stir in the flavour extract.
    9. When the flavour extract is incorporated, add baking soda and stir carefully but vigorously. The mixture will start to grow up the sides of the pan quickly.
      Pour out onto marble slab or sheet tray and let cool. (If it’s a hot day place a fan facing the sponge toffee.)
    10. Once completely cool, break the toffee into pieces. If you want uniform pieces, score the sponge toffee with a serrated bread knife and snap into pieces. Drizzle or dip in chocolate if desired (why wouldn’t you desire chocolate?!).
    11. Store in an airtight container.