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  • Gestura: The Ultimate Spoon for Chefs & Cooks

    January 17, 2023 3 min read

    Gestura: The Ultimate Spoon for Chefs & Cooks

    If it wasn't blatantly obvious, we love knives. It's literally in our name. Knives are one of the most essential tools in any chef or home cook's kit, but did you know there are a couple of other tools that chefs are equally particular about? Spoons are easily the next item in that hierarchy. Think about the tattoos on the cooks you know; besides knives, butcher guides, and veggies, spoons are on a lot of burnt forearms out there. As ex-chefs, we are thrilled to have found one of the best spoons ever made: Gestura. As soon as you get one of these spoons in your hand, it'll all make sense. The amount of thought and consideration that has gone into making these perfect tools is immediately evident. 

    Look at it. It's perfect. Like an alien obelisk of culinary perfection, arrived on earth to teach apes the secrets of haute cuisine.

    When I was still behind the stove every night, I had a collection of spoons that I guarded ferociously. I had painstakingly collected them over many years: They were pilfered from my Grandma’s cutlery drawer, picked up at antique shops, I’ll even admit to having lifted one or two from the dining rooms of some very nice restaurants (DO NOT DO THIS). I was always on the lookout for the next great spoon for my collection. 

    The humble spoon is one of the most valuable tools in a chef's kit.

    A spoon is like an artist’s brush in the kitchen; you use it to draw lines, make beautiful pools of sauce, and so much more. The new Gestura is even more versatile, like nothing I've seen before. First, It's a measuring vessel with the bowl designed to be precisely one tablespoon (super handy), and its flat lip makes levelling dry ingredients a breeze. Pan roasting something delicious? Don’t forget to baste, baste, baste! A healthy drenching in hot fat makes everything better. The depth of the bowl on this beauty will help you lovingly coat whatever your heart desires. It’s also long, measuring up at 9 inches so that it can get to the bottom of a saucepot with ease, and its pointed tip can comfortably get into the corners to capture every last bit of deliciousness. 

    A good spoon can be used as an artistic tool, elevating the presentation of a dish.

    At Knifewear, we love outstanding performance but we're also suckers for pretty things; just look at all of our flashy Japanese knives. In addition to its function, Gestura has nailed the look of this spoon. It's inspired by the well-loved flea market cookware and antique silhouettes that fill so many professional kits, as pretty as it is practical. This spoon will make a great addition to my collection, and you should probably get one too!

    In the past few years, they've expanded the range to include slotted spoons, and gold-plated models! I have both, but I always reach for the gold one first because it just feels like a treat to use. Their slotted options are perfect for lifting poached eggs from water, olives from a jar, and so much more. They're also great for whacking knuckles on grabby hands, hands off my mise. If you know, you know.

    Snag a Gestura Spoon Here!