Fujimoto Knives, the Future of Japanese Knife Making

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Fujimoto Knives, the Future of Japanese Knife Making

Fujimoto knives are the future of Japanese knife making, due to the efficiency and modern approach used by their makers. Fujimoto knives are a great choice, whether you’re getting your first handmade blade, or filling in an area that is lacking in your knife repertoire.

The knives are all created by master crafts-people in the city of Sanjo. Each individual in the line of production focuses on a specific skill that they have been mastering for years. This efficient method means that Fujimoto knives are some of the most technically consistent, reliable and affordable hand-crafted blades that you can buy. They have all of the benefits and romance of a hand-crafted knife, with the perfection of someone who has been mastering a single skill set for years, if not decades. 

Fujimoto knives have two lines, and they are both spectacular. Here’s a breakdown of what we love about them.

Fujimoto Nashiji

The Fujimoto Nashiji achieves a great balance in knife making; extremely high performance, along with minimal maintenance. The Aogami #2 (#2 blue Steel) carbon steel core of the blade has been clad (wrapped) in stainless steel. This allows you to get the performance of traditional high-carbon steel, but only the edge of the knife requires the extra attention and drying that carbon steel asks of you, not the whole knife. This type of construction is our favourite type of knife construction because it gives a long-lasting edge and also easier maintenance than a full-carbon steel knife. The finish on this line is called nashiji, named for its resemblance to the skin of an Asian pear. The scorched walnut handles offer a classic rustic look, and the scorched finish on the wood lends durability to the handle.

Fujimoto Hammer Tone

The Hammer Tone is the rock-star of the Fujimoto line, with its striking good looks and sexy shine. The Hammer Tone name comes from the freshly forged look and the X-shaped hammer marks on the carbonized “kurochi” surface. The octagonal walnut handle accents the blade’s look beautifully, and fits perfectly into any size of hand. This gives the blade an overall light feeling and forward balance. The core steel is SLD stainless steel, which was originally designed by Hitachi for cutting other steels. It holds an edge as long as carbon steel, but is much easier to care for. This line took almost two years of collaboration and design to create, and we will be continuing to add more shapes as they come out of development.

In addition to being beautiful, high-quality and affordable,  Fujimoto knives are ground with a convex bevel, making them a touch more rugged than other Japanese blades. While we love the entire Fujimoto line-up, we do have a few favourites. Check them out!

Fujimoto Nashiji 150mm Honesuki

If you ever wanted to get into traditional Japanese chicken butchery, this is the knife for you.

While you should normally be wary of bones with Japanese steel, honesukis are designed just for this job. These knives have become so popular in Canada, that we had to specially request them from the folks that make Fujimoto knives.

Fujimoto Nashiji 165mm Santoku

Easily one of our most popular starter knives for both home and professional cooks. If you’re okay with a little maintenance, the carbon-steel core offers crazy performance and stays sharp through a year or more of regular home use. They also make great gifts for folks who care for their tools, as they offer a handmade blade at a great price.

Fujimoto Nashiji 210mm Gyuto

This bad boy is a nice step up for folks who like a good 8 inch chef’s knife. If you’re comfortable with a larger blade, you’ll be able to get a lot more done with this knife. This would make a great first knife for young cooks, or for a serious home cook.

Fujimoto Hammer Tone 165mm Nakiri

This knife glides through potatoes, yams and other root vegetables like a dream. If you haven’t experienced a nakiri before, you’re missing out! These blades are shaped and weighted to glide through vegetables effortlessly. The edge is more curved than your average nakiri, so they’re also perfect for mincing and rocking motions.

Fujimoto Hammer Tone 240mm Sujihiki & 270mm Sujihiki

This is the perfect “dad” knife. Sujihikis are long and skinny, so they can slice through meat more effectively and easily than any other knife. The long length and short height of the blade allows you to avoid both the nasty sawing motions and friction that pulls apart the delicate grain of your meat or fish. It’s perfect for carving roasts, portioning your own steaks from a striploin, or slicing your homemade gravlax.

Fujimoto Nashiji 135mm Petty

Good things come in small packages. This knife sports a unique shape that allows enough knuckle clearance that you can chop all your tiny morsels without banging them on your cutting board. It’s also the antithesis of the “big and scary” knife. Mincing garlic, ginger, shallots or green onions has never been easier. 

While these are our favourites, all Fujimoto knives are fantastic. If you need help finding your match, send us an email and we'll be happy to help!

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