Yamada Uchidashi Hammered Steel Chinese Round Bottom Wok

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Thickness 1.6mm
Country of Origin Japan
Made by Yamada Uchidashi

Care Instructions:  Like all carbon steel pans, Yamada Frying Pans can rust. To prevent this, season them properly, avoid soaking them and dry them well after washing. The manufacturer has given them a rust-proof coating. This coating can be removed by placing your pan in the oven and warming to 400 degrees. It will take about 1 hour to burn off, so ventilate well. After the seasoning is removed, scrub them well and season them as per a standard carbon steel pan. Instructions are in the attached care-letter that comes with the pan.

Check out the full carbon steel pan care article and video here.

For Glasstop stove owners: Due to the inconsistent heat produced by glass top stoves, carbon steel pans can warp with extreme heat. These can be used on glass, but heat them slowly and only season them in the oven, not on the stove.