West Japan Tools Steel Frying Pan 24cm

Made by West Japan Tools in co-operation w/ local craftsmen in the Fukuyama area, known for their steel craftsmen. Made from high-quality carbon steel in a 30cm top diameter and 24cm bottom diameter, 3mm thick on the base and tapered to 1.7mm on the sloped sides to reduce weight. The short curved handle is inspired by the curves on his Porsche 911. How badass is that? Requires seasoning & proper care.

Read more about the story behind this frying pan here.

Key Facts

  • First of all, this thing heats differently than stainless steel. It heats at a good speed but doesn’t overheat as quickly a stainless pan. Not only does it heat fast, but it holds it. Often when you dump a ton of meat or veggies to stir-fry in a pan, you lose a ton of heat and stop searing. That isn’t the case here.
  • Low, angled sides allow for better evaporation. This creates a better sear because the moisture can escape more quickly.
  • The skillet works like a classic, heavy, 3mm French carbon steel pan, but it’s lighter and fits in the oven due to its tapered sides and short handle. With that said it also works better than a 2mm thick Italian carbon steel pan, which also doesn't fit in an oven.
  • Did I mention that it fits in the oven?
  • Finally, the handle. Shibata san was right on the nose about this one. With this style of pan you should always have a rag wrapped around the handle, and with a rag, the curve and length work perfectly.
  • Induction cooktop compatible. 
  • For Glasstop stove owners: Due to the inconsistent heat produced by glass top stoves, carbon steel pans can warp with extreme heat. These can be used on glass, but heat them slowly and only season them in the overn, not on the stove.
  • Check out the full carbon steel pan care article and video here.

About West Japan Tools - If you’ve ever been to a Knifewear store, chances are you’ve heard the name “Shibata-san”once or twice. Takayuki Shibata-san is our good friend and the president of Masakage KnivesKotetsu KnivesTinker Knives and now West Japan Tools. West Japan Tools was started out of His desire to create the perfect frying pan, but it soon expanded to his other obsessions. Now Shibata-san creates functional art pieces for the kitchen, from pans to oven-mitts!