The Chef's Press by Chef Bruce Hill

The Chef's Press is one of the handiest tools in your kitchen arsenal. Apply extra weight while keeping your hands free to expedite the cooking process and maximize flavour. Weigh down items on your grill for maximum sear, make your duck breast or bacon more crispy, or submerge food in marinades or sous-vide water baths.

We suggest you start with two presses to allow for some versatility. One press works for delicate vegetables and fish, while 2+ presses can be used on meats and heartier items. The presses stack easily onto each other, or can be shingled for longer items like flank steak and salmon fillets.

  • 116mm x 132mm surface area.
  • 8 oz press is suitable for sandwiches, vegetables, and fish
  • 13 oz press is suitable for thick steaks, brassicas, and burgers
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Made in Oakland, CA.

About Bruce Hill - The Chef’s Press was born out of true necessity in the tiny kitchen of Bix Restaurant down a secret alley in San Francisco, where Chef Bruce Hill was at the helm of the stoves. Presses speed up the cooking process, but conventional designs were awkward and trapped steam. This vented, stainless steel design has been carefully tested and manufactured by chefs, for chefs.

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