Sakai Takayuki Suigyu Kasumitogi Yanagiba 270mm

About the Shape - The Yanagiba is a slicer’s dream. Graceful, sexy, and capable of amazing sharpness, you’ll find a Yanigiba in the hands of every sushi chef worth their salt. Yanagi means “willow leaf” and refers to this knife’s long, narrow shape. The Yanagiba is a traditional Japanese blade that is only sharpened on one side, which is called “single bevel”, and allows it to cut more precisely than other blades. Traditionally used for slicing sashimi, they are equally at home with roast beef, ham, or calf’s liver. Once you go Yanagiba, you’ll never go back.

Knife Shape Yanagiba
Blade Length 270mm
Steel Type
#3 Shirogami (white carbon) Steel
Rockwell Hardness
Handle Material
Wa (Japanese) Handle, D-Shape Magnolia wood handle with horn collar
Knife Line Sakai Takayuki Suigyu Kasumitogi