Sakai Kikumori Aogami Nashiji Santoku 165mm

About the Shape - Santoku means 'Three Virtues' or 'To solve Three Problems'. The three virtues are meat, fish and vegetables, or slicing, dicing and mincing depending on your interpretation. This means that the Santoku is an all-around knife, suitable for the amateur home cook and the professional chef alike. The heigh means good clearance for big hands, while the relatively short blade can be wielded by anyone.

About Sakai Kikumori - Sakai Kikumori is a wholesaler in Sakai, sort of like Sakai Takayuki and Konosuke. They work with several blacksmiths and sharpeners including Shiraki Hamono, Yoshikazu Tanaka and Morihiro.

These knives are made by a blacksmith on the island of Kyushu whose identity is not known. When Kawamura-san from Sakai Kikumori travelled all around Kyushu to find new or not-so-well-known blacksmiths, he found this blacksmith who makes fantastic blades that have a very nice rustic nashiji finish.

Knife Shape Santoku
Blade Length 165mm
Blade Height 52mm
Steel Type #2 Aogami (Blue carbon) Steel clad with Stainless Steel
Rockwell Hardness 61:63
Edge/Bevel Double (50/50)
outside mm
inside mm