R. Murphy Ocean Plastic Olympia Shucker

This sturdy, pointed pry-bar of a shucker is an oyster's worst nightmare. Even the toughest hinges will give way under its might, allowing the tapered edge to cleanly remove the bivalve from its home. With this in mind, it's clear to see why this shucker is a favourite of oyster farmers along the Atlantic Seaboard.
The handle is made from 100% reclaimed & recycled plastic, part of R. Murphy's efforts to keep plastic out of our oceans and land.

Materials 420HC High Carbon Stainless Steel
100% Recycled Plastic
Dimensions Blade: 2-1/2" L x 5/8" W
Care Hand wash and dry knives.
Do not put knives in dishwasher. 

About R. Murphy - J & R Murphy was started in 1850 by brothers John & Robert Murphy, originally crafting dental and surgical instruments. As they grew, they began producing knives for industrial and culinary purposes and the brothers parted ways in 1884 when Robert moved to Harvard, Mass. to make cutlery there. To this day, R. Murphy crafts high-end butchering knives, oyster shuckers and more entirely by hand in the U.S.A.. They remain dedicated to using the best materials for their purposes, including recycled plastic as part of their initiative to keep land and sea free from stray plastic.