Naniwa Professional Chosera Stone 400 210x70x20mm

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When your knife looks like it’s taken a beating, a 400 grit stone is the way to go. Very useful for quickly removing nicks, chips and scratches, this stone is vital in sharpening an extremely dull knife. Some of us like to use it to apply a foggy finish to the bevel of a knife after serious repairs have happened. This is the John Rambo of stones; things have gotten messy and we need some real muscle to save the day.

Stone Grit: 400
Stone Size: 210x70x20mm
Manufacturer: Naniwa
Stone family: Naniwa Professional

Care Instructions

Care for whetstone

In order to maximize the performance of the stones and avoid any misuse, please review the following information carefully.

  • Use plenty of water, this will act as a lubricant, preventing knives from excess heat. Never ever use oil it will ruin your stone. Don’t let black residue from sharpening build up on the stone to avoid plugging up the grit. 
  • Do not keep stones in direct sunlight, extreme heat or cold (i.e. Inside of a car in winter).
  • Please wipe excess water off from the stone before storing.
  • Some stones require soaking in water for about 20min prior to use, others only require a splash of water while sharpening. It depends on the stone. If the stone immediately sucks up all the water on it, soak it. If it pools on top don’t soak it. Please ask us for each stone type.
  • Keep stone surface flat as much as you can. Get a truing stone. This will help you to maintain right angle for sharpening, and will give you the best result. The flatter the stones are, the sharper knives get!

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