Munetoshi Shirogami Migaki Petty 120mm

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About the Shape - This is the knife for smaller jobs that are done on a cutting board. Perfect for slicing shallots, cutting herbs, and boning smaller proteins. Additionally, Petty knives are an indispensable tool for those who feel uncomfortable wielding a larger chef knife.

About Munetoshi -  Koichi Tsurumaki-san is a third-generation blacksmith in Sanjo who is specialized in sickles. There are two types of bladesmith in Sanjo. One is so-called “Atsumono” blacksmiths who specialize in thick blades like hatchets, plain blades, hammers and chisels and they are the majority in Sanjo. Another is called “Usumono” blacksmiths who specialize in kitchen knives and sickles, and they were pretty rare in the Sanjo area. Tsurumaki-san has been a sickle blacksmith since his father. He started working with his father when he was 16. Almost a half-century after, he started making kitchen knives that are also considered to be a “Usumono” or thin blades which is his specialty. His knives are made with white carbon steel in the core and clad with soft iron like traditional Japanese knives.

Knife Shape Petty
Blade Length 120mm
Blade Height
Steel Type #2 Shirogami (White Carbon)
Rockwell Hardness 61:63
Handle Wa (Japanese) Handle, Oval Magnolia with black Water Buffalo horn collar
Blacksmith/Maker Munetoshi