Microplane Professional Series Grater

The Microplane has dominated the world of culinary gadgets for decades, since the invention of their class rasp-style plane. Their superior quality and edge retention makes them a reliable tool for everyday kitchen use, regardless of what you're grating.
Fine Grater -Hard cheeses, spices, garlic, ginger, citrus and other dense foods.
Coarse Grater -Hard & medium cheese, chocolate, veggies and fruits.
Extra Coarse Grater -Hard to soft cheeses. 
Medium Ribbon -Cheese, vegetables & fruits.
Large Shaver -For making curls of cheese or chocolate.
  • Patented razor-sharp cutting teeth for effortless grating
  • Large grating area; non-clogging teeth
  • 18/8 stainless handle and frame, Non-slip rubber foot holds grater steady
  • Plastic blade cover; dishwasher-safe

About Microplane -Originally a maker of wood-working tools, Microplane accidentally created a perfect culinary tool when they released their now-famous rasp. Chefs quickly wised up to the utility of these tiny blades, and they soon became a staple in home and professional kitchens alike. Microplane still makes tools for wood, but their culinary division has taken over and made them a worldwide brand.