Masashi Shirogami Sakimaru Takobiki 300mm

About the Shape - Like its double-beveled bro, this long blade is perfect for of everyday driving, but it also excels at most jobs that would normally be tackled by a Yanagiba - slicing and filleting fish and meats, for example. The added blade height means you won’t be bashing your knuckles into the board while cutting veggies, and the dropped tip offers some real finesse when executing precision tasks like removing fat and facia from proteins.

About Masashi Single Bevel knives -Masashi-san makes a beautifully polished and crazy sharp blade, working entirely by himself hand-forging, sharpening, and putting on the handles. He’s also a bit of a risk taker, forging knives in his flip-flops and lighting cigarettes off white-hot knife steel. Bad. Ass. Masashi-san has outdone himself again. He started as a blacksmith making double-bevel knives, and his transition to single bevel blades has been flawless. These are forged with shirogami and perform like a traditional single-bevel blade, with all of the flash of Masashi knife.

Knife Shape Sakimaru Takobiki
Blade Length 270mm
Blade Height 37mm
Weight 176g
Spine Thickness at Heel 3mm
Steel Type Shirogami #2 (White Carbon Steel)
Rockwell Hardness 61-63
Edge/Bevel Single Bevel, right hand bias
Blacksmith Masashi Yamamoto
Knife Line Masashi Single Bevel