Knifewear Leather and Suede Paddle Strop

These double-sided leather strops are just what the doctor ordered for keeping your knives mega sharp. A leather strop is used to hone the blade after sharpening for an added silkiness. The Leather strop can also be used to touch up an edge in between sharpenings. Just like a barber who uses a straight razor. These strops are made by Horace and Jasper out of the Calgary in Canada, exclusively for Knifewear and Kent of Inglewood. Not sure how to use one? Check out the GIF below!

Overall Length 455mm
Strop Length 280mm
Strop Width 64mm

Looking for the bonus round of Knifenerd level sharpness? Complete the trifecta by using the white rod, the black rod, and then the leather strop.

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