Knifewear Truing Stone #220 Grit

 A truing stone keeps sharpening stones flat, which makes in an absolute must-have for any sharpening stone kit. Stones wear with use, and once your stone is dished up like a skateboard ramp you can't sharpen any more. It's much easier to keep your stones flat on a regular basis, than to spend a few hours making them flat. We use a truing stone on our other stones every few knives.

The Knifewear Truing Stone is perfect for most people, we have used this truing stone for over 13 years with amazing results. It's the one our staff reach for most often. The producer has strict quality controls that guarantee each truing stone is within 0.06mm of true, making them perfect for any casual knife-sharpener. Looking for something flat? We have other options here.

170mm x 55mm x 30mm 
Grit 220
Manufacturer Naniwa
Country of Origin Japan

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