Knifewear 8000 Grit Sharpening Stone

This stone is mostly an intermediate step, as jumping straight from 5,000 to 12,000 won’t produce good results. Similar to how using progressive grits of sandpaper requires less labour to produce a good polish, 8,000 grit buffs out scratches from rougher stones, and makes finishing your blade on finer stones an absolute breeze. If your blade is in good shape, this is a good stone to start with.

Knifewear stones are hard, so they last a long time and work quickly.

Always flatten your stone with a truing stone after honing.

Stone Grit 8000
Stone Size 210x70x20mm
Manufacturer Naniwa
Stone Family Knifewear
Stone Usage Prep
Splash & Go

About Knifewear - Knifewear is Canada's largest retailer of Japanese knives and sharpening supplies. The Knifewear range of stones provides incredible quality and performance at a very reasonable price. Whether you're sharpening knives or razors, Knifewear stones will live up to their reputation.

outside mm
inside mm