Hatsukokoro HAP40 Hayabusa Petty 120mm

About the Shape - This is the knife for smaller jobs that are done on a cutting board. Perfect for slicing shallots, cutting herbs, and boning smaller proteins. Additionally, Petty knives are an indispensable tool for those who feel uncomfortable wielding a larger chef knife.

About Hatsukokoro Hayabusa - This unique line of knives is made by a number of talented knife makers, including San-Etsu hamono in Seki. The HAP40 line is simple, slick and just works like a charm.  HAP40 high speed powder steel, which can attain a Rockwell Hardness of 67+. In layman’s terms, it’s insanely hard steel that gets wicked sharp and holds an edge like nothing else.

Knife Shape Petty
Blade Length 120mm
Blade Height
Spine Thickness at Heel
Steel Type HAP40
Rockwell Hardness 66:67
Edge/Bevel Double (50/50)
Handle Wa (Japanese) Handle, Octagon Walnut wood handle with Pakka wood collar
Knife Line Hatsukokoro Hayabusa HAP40