Charcoal Chimney BBQ Starter

Charcoal chimneys take every bit of difficulty out of lighting charcoal. Simply stack any charcoal in the cylinder, stuff the bottom with newspaper, and spark it up! By directing the flame upwards the chimney lights with maximum efficiency. 
Denser charcoals may need a few rounds of newspaper. You can also make your life easier by setting the chimney on an outdoor gas burner as your source of flame.
1. Place charcoal in the top, or larger, section of the chimney. Keep in mind that big grills need more coal than small ones.
2. Crammed wadded newspaper into the bottom, or shallower, portion of the chimney.
3. Place the loaded chimney somewhere safe that won't burn down the neighbourhood and light the newspaper. Stand back.
4. Once flames are shooting out the top of your chimney and some of the coals are glowing red, carefully pour the lit coals into your grill.