Black Ceramic Honing Rod

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Equivalent to an 8000 grit finishing stone, this black honing rod is perfect for maintaining a knife’s edge between sharpenings. 3-6 strokes on each side of the blade will keep it silky and awesome. Forget what you’ve seen from the TV chefs. You don't need a ton of pressure or speed. Just be precise and gentle. Any questions? Check out our honing demo on YouTube:

If you’re looking to hone the edges of knives during sharpening, we prefer the coarser, white honing rod because it does a better job of cleaning burrs.

Overall Length: 405mm
Rod Length: 270mm

Looking for the bonus round of Knifenerd level sharpness? Complete the trifecta by using the white rod, the black rod, and then the leather strop.


Care Instructions

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