Anryu Katsukiri Bocho 300mm

Knife Shape Katsukiri Bocho
Blade Length 300mm
Steel Type
#2 Shirogami (White carbon) Steel clad with caron Steel
Rockwell Hardness 61:63
Handle Wa (Japanese) Handle
Blacksmith Katsushige Anryu

About Katsushige Anryu: “Iron is alive,” he says. “It can live and it can die, depending on the blacksmith.” Anryu san’s 6+ decade career has given him an incredible understanding of steel, and make shim one of the most prolific blacksmiths in his region. He is rightfully proud of being one of the founders of Takefu Knife Village.
Anryu san sticks to tradition when it works to his benefit, but is not afraid to introduce new techniques and steels if they can improve his knives. Despite being born in 1940, Anryu san continues to work hard, innovate, and pass his skills along to young blacksmiths.