Tojiro Atelier

These beautiful knives represent the sexier side of practicality. The durable stainless steel core is layered with softer Damascus steel to protect the cutting edge. Forged by hand, the Tojiro Atelier series feels sharper than most stainless knives and is the perfect choice for a chef that desires a little more style. Tough, yet attractive, what more could you ask for in a knife?
The Tojiro Atelier factory is a special division of Tojiro for the creation of handmade artisan blades, operated by the incredibly talented Tomoo Matsumura-san and his apprentice Sayaka-san. Sayaka-san is the first female Japanese blacksmith we've met, and we're very excited to see where her career goes! 

VG-10 has the highest recommendations in the production of knives by authorities, such as the British Steel Confederation, C.A.T.R.A and the Solingen Institute of Steel in Germany. It cuts awesome, stays sharp for a long time, and isn’t impossible to re-sharpen – unlike some other hard stainless steels. 

These knives are finished with a Western-style eco-wood handle. Eco-wood is made with recycled wood dust, wood chips and silicone. In addition to being environmentally friendly, his type of handle is virtually indestructible in a kitchen!