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Makoto Tadokoro

In the west, few of us realize the importance of sharpening in the art of knife making. Without the sharpener, the knife would simply by a well-forged paperweight The work of the sharpener is like that of a sculptor, to carefully remove the unnecessary material until a masterpiece is revealed. Few knife sharpeners can craft masterpieces the way that Tadokoro-san can.

Tadokoro-san is a famous knife sharpener hailing from Tosa, with 25 years years of experience in his field. He started his career when he was only 15 and he learned much of his skillset from Morihiro-san, who is considered to be the best knife sharpener in Sakai. His incredible skill and attention to detail is evident upon inspection of his knives. His double bevel series is forged with white carbon steel 2 by Nakagawa-san of Shiraki Hamono. Nakagawa-san is one of the best blacksmiths in the region, who then passes the knives Tadokoro-san. He carefully grinds them to the right shape, then polishes the blades, and finally gives them their edge.