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    Knifewear Leather and Suede Paddle Strop

    These double-sided leather strops are just what the doctor ordered for keeping your knives mega sharp. A leather strop is used to hone the blade after sharpening for an added silkiness. The Leather strop can also be used to touch up an edge in between sharpenings. Just like a barber who uses a straight razor. These strops are made by Horace and Jasper out of the Calgary in Canada, exclusively for Knifewear and Kent of Inglewood. Not sure how to use one? Check out the GIF below!

    Looking for the bonus round of Knifenerd level sharpness? Complete the trifecta by using the white rod, the black rod, and then the leather strop.

    About Knifewear Products - We've sourced the best kitchen accessories to accompany our knives, items that we're so proud of we put our name on them. We have a wide selection of tools for the professional chef and home cook, from tweezers and tongs, to knife bags and sharpening stones.

      Overall Dimension 44 x 6.5cm
      Leather/Suede Dimension 28 x 6.5cm
      Thickness 2.5cm
      Brand Knifewear

      A leather strop is how every super knife-nerd keeps their knife sharp. Like many knife maintenance tools, the strop is designed to help you clean burrs off the edge of the knife. The rougher suede side grabs any rough burrs that have formed on the edge and either straightens them out, or pulls them off. The plain leather side is then used to give your knife a final polish, bringing it to a mirror finish and giving it a lightsaber edge.


      Grip the paddle firmly by its handle and hold it straight out, parallel to the floor. Start with the rougher suede side facing upwards. Rub the edge of the knife along the strop, leading with the spine from one end to the other. Be sure to run the knife away from the edge to avoid cutting the strop. Repeat this motion on each section of the edge, on either side of the knife a dozen or so times. Flip the strop over and repeat the motion on the smoother side. To make your strop super-effective, coat the rough side with chromium oxide once every few months. Chromium oxide is an abrasive
      polishing compound that is somewhere between a stone and a strop, so it will give your blade extra polish and remove stubborn burrs without taking off excess metal. We use chromium oxide on all of our suede strops, especially just after sharpening a knife. Use your strop weekly to maintain a good edge, or more often if you work in a restaurant. For the best edge-maintenance use a ceramic honing rod, followed by a leather strop.


      Strop care is mostly about preventative maintenance. Because our strops are made from leather and wood, they are easily damaged by moisture. Keep them well away from water. If after a while your strop appears dirty, use a dry cloth to buff it for a minute or so. Once a year, moisturize it with a light leather cream, especially if you live in a dry climate.

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