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Haruyuki Yokuma

This knife is no-nonsense, pure performance and bad-ass. Cooks and chefs love them because it is simple, sleek and blazing sharp. Think of a Ferrari built to look like a Honda Civic, a serious machine that is sneakily inconspicuous.

SRS15 high-speed powder steel is mega hard steel capable of a Lightsaber-esque edge that will stick around for a long time. Combined with a very fine-grained structure it feels absolutely silky when cutting, so much so they have been called ‘clinical’. Its stainless qualities mean you needn’t worry about rusting or discolouring. This steel is often found in precision tools, dentist drills, and surgical equipment.

These are in fact, the knives that turned Kevin on to Japanese blades. He bought a 180mm santoku in 1999 and it still hangs in the Calgary shop to this day! It stood up to years of rigorous use in St. John restaurant, River Cafe, and many other restaurants. The capability of extreme sharpness and a very long-lasting edge is what sets these knives apart, as well as the tapered tang which gives great balance. The numerous professional chefs using these knives are a testimony to their pedigree.

These knives are equipped with a Western-style pakka wood handle. The Pakka wood handle is made from layers of wood and resin, compressed under immense pressure to produce and incredibly durable material. The net result is a handle that looks and feels like wood but is not affected by water.

The kanji on the knife blade “春幸” means “Haruyuki”.

Steel Type SRS15 High Speed Powder Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel Cladding
Rockwell Hardness 62–63
Brand Haruyuki
Handle Western Handle - Pakka wood with welded bolster

A note about measurements: Handmade Japanese knives can vary in their dimensions, so these measurements are only an example.