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Sharp Knives Rock Ep. 12: Snowy Canadian Summer BBQ!

May 25, 2022 1 min read

Sharp Knives Rock Ep. 12: Snowy Canadian Summer BBQ!

If you haven't heard, we've got a show on Knifewear Youtube: Sharp Knives Rock!

Sharp Knives Rock Episode 12 airs Monday June 6 at 3pm MST!  

Episode 12: Snowy Canadian Summer BBQ!

This episode, we're celebrating the arrival of summer in Canada with a Canadian BBQ! We'll be learning about charcoal and konro grills, and cooking up some Japanese and Canadian classics!
We also have another exciting giveaway! Watch the episode for a chance to win a Knifewear Akachan Grill, Ogatan Charcoal, and a BBQ accessory starter kit!

Sharp Knives Rock features cooking videos, challenges, and general hijinx from Kevin & the Knifewear crew. 

Each episode will stay up on our channel for good, so you can check it out later if you don't get to watch it live. Mark your calendars, and we'll see you on Monday!


Nathan Gareau
Nathan Gareau

Nathan started at Knifewear in 2013, when he left the restaurant industry to slang knives. Nowadays, he handles our communications, social media, and YouTube channel. If you're reading words on this website or watching one of our videos, Nathan was involved. He spends his spare time growing food, cooking, fermenting food and booze, and enjoying the great outdoors.