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  • Knifewear Calgary opened today in 2009

    January 24, 2018 1 min read

    Knifewear Calgary opened today in 2009

    Knifewear began in July 2007 when we received our first shipment of knives. At that time, we didn't have a store, and I went where I was invited, usually on my bicycle with a backpack stuffed with knives for sale. By October 2007, Knifewear had a display case in a new food shop called Bite. That was so successful that we opened a Knifewear kiosk in one of Bite's storage closets
     and I was fired from my other job.


    ...on January 24, 2009, Knifewear Calgary opened to almost no fanfare at all in the location where the shop still resides. Although we did have a famous visitor on the first day when Shibata-san of Masakage Knives arrived for our first face-to-face meeting, nobody thought it would lead to where we are today.

    Thank you for making Knifewear Group what it is today. I am grateful, amazed, and shocked by how great all of you have been. I look forward to many more years.