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Knifewear Crypto™: The Future of Japanese Knives Online

April 01, 2022 1 min read

Knifewear Crypto™: The Future of Japanese Knives Online

At Knifewear, we’re all aboutInnovation.We’ve always been on the cutting edge of the knife world, and in an increasingly online world, we knew it was time to go fully digital, beyond the ancient retail business model of our ancestors.
It’s with immense pride that we announce the future of our brand, Knifewear Crypto™.

This new direction will incorporate two incredible groundbreaking technologies, cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Knifecoin utilizes blockchain technology to create a limited number of Knifecoin tokens. These tokens can be used anonymously to buy kitchen knives on the dark web, make international payments, and as an investment opportunity for those who need more money to buy knives.Knifecoin is in no way a pyramid scheme or rugpull.

Knifewear NFTs, the Scam Macaque Book Club, are exclusive non-fungible jpegs of monkeys that only YOU exclusively own. Other people can totally screenshot or download them and have their own copy, but yours is original and exclusively owned by you, because the blockchain says so!

Act quick, because these exclusive offers aren’t going to last long! We’re only minting a few million knife coins and procedurally generating a yet-to-be-determined finite number of NFTs, so don’t sleep onKnifewear Crypto.

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Nathan Gareau
Nathan Gareau

Nathan started at Knifewear in 2013, when he left the restaurant industry to slang knives. Nowadays, he handles our communications, social media, and YouTube channel. If you're reading words on this website or watching one of our videos, Nathan was involved. He spends his spare time growing food, cooking, fermenting food and booze, and enjoying the great outdoors.