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  • Fresh Pacific Natural Sharpening Stones: Every Sharpening Nerd's Dream

    March 31, 2021 2 min read

    Fresh Pacific Natural Sharpening Stones: Every Sharpening Nerd's Dream

    Early each morning, Francis Liew ventures forth onto Jericho beach in Vancouver, BC, the ocean’s bounty calling him forth into the briny deep waters of the Pacific Ocean. Unlike the equally noble fishmonger, Francis’ quest is that of a far more “unconventional” nature. While fresh salmon and spot prawns are never far from his thoughts, these comparatively petty endeavours are not what compels him to endure these icy and unforgiving waters. This explorer’s goals are much different - He wants a sharp knife.

    We’ve always been passionate (bordering on obsessed) with sharp knives. If you peruse our website or any of our shops, symptoms of this passion are abundantly evident. Not only do we curate some of the finest knives on the planet, but we’re also constantly seeking out the world’s best sharpening stones with which to keep these knives brilliantly sharp. Naniwa, Imanishi, Shapton; these are familiar names to any sharpening aficionado, but what sets Francis apart from these sharpening “nerds” as they are colloquially known has been kept a secret up until today…

    Fresh Caught Pacific Natural Sharpening StonesWe chose to keep packaging simple, and let the stone's majesty shine.

    At the break of dawn, Francis’ day begins with sand under his toes. He combs the beach in search of these prized stones, often to no avail. However, on rare occasions such as today, the fruits of his labor are realized. Behold!

    Francis with his freshly dug Pacific Natural Stone.The catch of the day, pacific stones this big are very rare!

    These incredibly rare natural treasures are, by a wide margin, the finest natural sharpening stones in existence. The creamy surface of these stones, nigh-supernaturally imbued with the raw power of frothing ocean currents, will take any ordinary knife and transform its elementary edge into the stuff of legend.

    Francis at work on a normal, synthetic stone. Look how boring and grey it is.

    While this stone's properties and how it can achieve such an unparalleled finish will remain a mystery, the results speak for themselves. Unfortunately, before his Oceanic Natural Stone Training could commence, Francis was required to sign a pact of honor with an unnamed bearded individual (whom Francis only refers to as “Burrseidon”) forbidding him from sharing these secrets under the penalty of his Knifewear staff discount being revoked. Truly an unspeakable fate.

    Any knife sharpened on such a stone will shine with such a grossly incandescent luminosity that every camera with which we’ve ever attempted to capture its image has suffered a catastrophic failure, and all its data instantly corrupted.

    The most gloriously beautiful knife ever sharpened by man.The most beautiful sharpening job we've ever seen.

    See? I can assure you, the quality of the edge I attempted to photograph above was so brilliant that it made me openly weep, and now my new iPhone is completely ruined (unrelated). 

    And now, as of today, after all these years of scouring, collecting, and getting a lot of sand in our socks, we’re thrilled to announce that these stones are finally available to YOU. That’s right, YOU!! As each stone is drastically different in shape, hardness, consistency, feedback, colour, and Newtonian Fluid state, they vary dramatically in both price and application. Get yours today!

    Buy a Fresh Pacific natural Sharpening Stone Here!