Masutani VG1 Tsuchime Western Gyuto 180mm

About the Shape - Inspired by the profile of a traditional European chef knife, Gyutos are a multi-purpose knife with a slight meat cutting bias. “Gyuto” translates to “cow sword.” If you want one knife to do it all, This is it. Starting at 180mm, Gyutos can reach the ridiculously long (and awesome) 370mm. For the at-home or professional cook, we recommend a Gyuto which measures between 210mm and 270mm long.

About Masutani - Masutani san is owned by a brother of Ryusen Hamono. Masutani san decided to produce knives that are great quality but at reasonable prices. His knives are incredible for how much they are.

Knife Shape Gyuto
Blade Length 180mm
Steel Type VG1 Stainless Steel
Rockwell Hardness 59:61
Handle Western Handle, Pakka wood with welded bolster
Blacksmith/Maker Masutani