Miyabi knives stand out as works of art in the manufactured knife world. Zwilling of Germany, realizing that high performance Japanese steel was taking over the knife world, did the practical thing and bought themselves two Japanese knife factories in Seki City Japan, a mecca for knife producers. Ever since they’ve been making spectacular knives that combine the expertise of both German and Japanese traditions. Because of this unique blend they offer a look and feel that bridges both cultures that is rare among knife makers. For new customers that have only used Henckels or other western made knives, these are a perfect gateway to Japanese craftsmanship. For customers who are well versed in Japanese knives, these have much to offer by way of high quality steels and beautiful detailing not often available in handmade knives. 

Miyabi knives from Knifewear
  • miyabi koh
    Great For The Beginner Cook
    Steel Bolster And Tang For Exceptional Durability
  • miyabi birchwood
    SG2 Steel Hard Steel That Is Easy To Sharpen
    Polished Damascus Layered Steel For A Beautiful Look
  • miyabi black
    Sleek Modern Design
    Extremely Hard Steel Keeps Its Edge An Exceptionally Long Time