Cut Like a Chef Classes

All in-store classes are postponed until further notice. We now have live online classes every week, you can learn more about them here.

Learn to cut like a chef and increase your confidence with kitchen knives.

With this class, you will learn to hold a knife properly, develop speed, increase precision and learn to enjoy your time in the kitchen. We’ll cover knife safety and care, knife motion, choosing a knife/knife shapes and uses, common veggies/fruit and classic cuts. You will become a slicing/dicing machine . . . maybe... with enough practice. 

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All participants receive 10% off knives purchased on the day.

Class size is limited to 6 people and will last 2 hours. Knives, peelers, vegetables provided! (You can, of course, bring your own if you like!).  

Classes are run from January to the end of November - except during pandemics.