UNA Portable Table-Top Charcoal Grill

The UNA Grill is a beautifully designed, portable, and compact charcoal grill. It works great for all your picnics, camping trips, tailgating, beach days, hikes or relaxed barbecues on the patio.

The UNA Grill transforms into its own stand which ensures zero heat transfer to the surface it's resting on, and all grill components are also dishwasher safe. Made from stainless steel combined with a stylish leather handle, this grill looks great in any setting! 

Whether you're entertaining friends, impressing a date or have ventured on a solo-trip the UNA Grill is the most enjoyable and convenient bbq to use this summer!
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Portable and table-top
  • Quality leather handle
  • Simple to set up charcoal grill
  • 2 Grill heights
  • Dedicated Skewers slots
  • Easy to clean: Stainless steel (304) parts are dishwasher-safe
  • Width 6.6" / Length17" / Height4.2"
About UNA - After a night of improvised table-top grilling, the members of the Soubras family realized the need for a compact, portable table-top grill. After many prototypes and much support on kickstarter, the UNA portable grill was finally launched. The UNA brings people together with the magic of charcoal cooking with an accessible grill that works for any setting.
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