Binchotan Charcoal

4.6 star rating 19 Reviews

About Binchotan  While North American lump charcoal has a carbon content of about 75%, binchotan has a carbon content of between 93 and 96%. This means there’s no room for impurities that could negatively taint the flavour of your food. You get a pure source of heat with minimal smoke, aside from the flavourful puffs created by drippings that hit the charcoal. The intense heat produced by binchotan quickly gives the exterior of the meat a delicious crust and leaves the flavourful morsels extremely juicy. 

That high carbon content also means that binchotan can be a challenge to start. Ideally, you want a charcoal chimney and a big wad of newspaper to get it going. 

About the Grades

Han-Maru (English translation is "half round") - ★★★★★
When the raw material is too thick, they split them into half or a quarter size.
This is what Han-Maru is. The quality of this charcoal is great. It is very dense.
Dimension is usually 2-4cm x 20+cm.

Ara-Jo (English translation is "Rough Excellent" ) - ★★★★
This is bit more uneven in sizes. Dimension is 2-5cm x 6cm-20cm. There may be some uneven bits as well.

Wari - (English translation is "Split" ) - ★★★
The procedure to make and sizes are same as Han-Maru, but Wari is not as dense as Han-Maru.
There may be some uneven or rough shaped ones.
Because it is not as dense as Han-Maru, it burns less (duration) but gets going faster.
Due to international shipping regulations, we cannot send charcoal to customers outside of Canada. We apologize for the inconvenience.