Sakai Takayuki Homura Kogetsu By Itsuo Doi Sujihiki 240mm

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Keijiro Doi-san is that blacksmith that all blacksmiths admire. His son Itsuo Doi-san is now carrying the torch but giving his own twist to the signature family-style. This line of knives is made with a unique blade shape, and you can feel its potential as soon as you hold one. With the blade's extra height, I can see this slicer being used as a chef knife as well. It might be the one knife a minimalist needs. It feels like the future and is Perfect for those who see potential in new design and ideas.

About the Shape “Flesh Slicer” would be this knife’s name in English. It does just what the name suggests. Roast beef/turkey, raw meats, fish, all flesh really is a Sujihiki’s specialty.

About Sakai Takayuki - Sakai Takayuki is well-known as the largest knife maker in Sakai. The company hosts a number of blacksmiths and craftsmen who work together to create a huge array of knives. Although the Sakai region traditionally specializes in single-bevel blades, Sakai Takayuki makes many different shapes.
The most famous blacksmith at the company is Itsuo Doi - they have built a factory for him to work in and produce his art. The collective is also host to the knife-sharpening Yamatsuka family.

Knife Shape Sujihiki
Blade Length 240mm
Steel Type
#2 Aogami (Blue carbon Steel)
Rockwell Hardness 62:64
Handle Wa (Japanese) Handle, Octagon Cherry wood with black Pakka wood collar
Blacksmith/Maker Itsuo Doi