Sakai Takayuki Tokuzo Maguro Bocho 540mm

About the Shape -The maguro bocho or Tuna Knife is an extremely long, highly specialized knife used in Japan to fillet tuna and other large fish. It can fillet a tuna in a single cut. They are commonly found at fish markets in Japan, the largest of which is the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, for which they are often called oroshi-hocho ("wholesale knife"), as they are of little need elsewhere. We have been known to use out company maguro bocho "Maude" to slice iberico ham.

About Sakai Takayuki -Sakai Takayuki is well-known as the largest knife maker in Sakai. The company hosts a number of blacksmiths and craftsmen who work together to create a huge array of knives. Although the Sakai region traditionally specializes in single-bevel blades, Sakai Takayuki makes many different shapes.

Knife Shape Maguro Bocho
Blade Length 540mm
Blade Height
Spine Thickness at Heel
Steel Type Yasuki Hagane
Rockwell Hardness
Edge/Bevel Single Bevel, Right hand bias
Handle Wa (Japanese) Handle, Octagon Magnolia wood handle with Pakka wood collar
Maker Sakai Takayuki