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Fujiwara Denka no Hoto

Swordsmith Teruyasu Fujiwara IV has named these knives Denka no Hoto (伝家の宝刀), “Treasured Family Sword” — a bold claim, but one that is deserved. People regularly gasp when they slice a tomato or potato with Fujiwara-san’s knives in the shop. The knives of Teruyasu Fujiwara are real darlings of Knifewear. These blades of his are remarkable. The quality of the sharpness is nearly unparalleled and the edge retention blows my mind.

Professional chefs generally hold a knife by pinching the blade with the thumb and fore-finger. The unique finger notch cut from the choil makes this grip even easier and more comfortable.

These knives are finished with a Western style pakka wood handle. The Pakka wood handle is made from layers of wood and resin, compressed under high heat to produce and incredibly durable material. The net result is a handle that looks and feels like wood, but not affected by water. Fujiwara knives feature a tapered tang for great balance.

The kanji on the knife blade藤原照康作reads “Fujiwara Teruyasu Saku” (Made by Teruyasu Fujiwara).

Steel Type Aogami Super (Blue Carbon Steel) with Stainless Steel Cladding
Rockwell Hardness 65–66
Blacksmith Teruyasu Fujiwara
Handle Wa (Japanese) Handle and Western Handle Pakkawood with Welded Bolster

A note about measurements: Handmade Japanese knives can vary in their dimensions, so these measurements are only an example.