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Yu Kurosaki

Yu Kurosaki works in Takefu Knife Village where he apprenticed with Hiroshi Kato. 

Kato-san taught him well, and now he’s considered a master himself. Yu Kurosaki began his blacksmith work in 2002 when he started working in Kanehiro-Uchi-Hamono. He claims he was not a natural blacksmith from the beginning and wanted to quit many times. After selling his first blade to a more than satisfied customer, his confidence and his drive to make great knives for happy cooks shot up. Needless to say, we’re VERY happy he didn’t give in to doubt. 

Yu Kurosaki and his brother Makoto have a cult-like following in the world of knife nerds, much akin to the love most film-buffs have for the Cohen brothers. Yu-san forges the Masakage Shimo and Sasame lines, but has become best-known for his wildly creative lines that are as much art as they are high-performance kitchen tools. 

The Kurosaki Senko and Shizuku lines feature stunning finishes and are made with a wide array of super-hard high-tech steel, while his Ho-Oh line shows of gorgeous damascus steel, layered with copper and brass. Whichever Kurosaki knife you have, I guarantee you’ll want to show it off.