Cutting Boards

It’s easy to become a knife nerd. Using a ridiculously sharp knife can be an eye-opening experience. The silky glide of a thin, sharp knife through a tomato is downright cathartic. But how do you keep your knife sharp? Before you check out our pal Naoto’s video on how to sharpen and hone your knives, there’s a much more simple solution to helping your blade stay sharp; use a kickass cutting board!

A well-made cutting board is clutch. Every knife nerd or foodie knows this. But why? There’s a lot more to it than having one for aesthetic purposes (although some of the nicest ones do look amazing). A good cutting board dulls your knife less quickly, so at Knifewear, we only carry a few different brands of boards that have met the standard. 

Not sure which board to get? Check out our comparison guide!

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